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Yan Cozian solo:

Yan Cozian is known as the master bagpipe player from the Landes - Gascony, his passion for this instrument has led him through the years to become a musician, a researcher and a transmitter of traditions.

The International Meeting of Rencontres internationales des ma√ģtres sonneurs in 2007 which took place in Saint Chartier confirmed his standing as a soloist. Since that time he has played in different festivals such as 'Festival Interceltique de Lorient', 'Cassel en Cornemuses','Rencontres de cornemuses' in Ile de France...

Playing solo gives him an opportunity to let the audience hear the ‚Äúboha‚ÄĚ, the bagpipes from the Landes, in all their simplicity and simultaneous complexity.

For several years, he has been working on developing these mysteriously and subtly sounding bagpipes and to transport them out of the beaten tracks.

Le renouveau de la boha - cornemuse gasconne

In this show you will discover new tones, unheard low pitched sounds, a way of playing which is unique to this particular artist, which was inspired by ancient customs and which he himself has also built up over time.

And finally the language... the Gascony language!

Let's share his travel through the melodies of yesterday and of today.

Un album soliste a été édité par le label « Cinq planètes » : Yan Cozian solo